Best Arena 9 Deck, Want To Try?

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Best Arena 9 Deck – The deck has multiple win conditions. But the first efficient way I exploit It‘s to create a huge push on a single side to overpower the enemy. This usually starts with Pekka behind with Fireball, Zap, Barbarians in the able to counter anything they throw at me. Then Three Musketeers behind the Pekka with Zap ready if still as much as the drop on whatever they drop upon the Musketeers. This main deck weakness is the rocket or Fireball / Zap combo or someone which has a Fireball higher level than your Three Musketeers since it one shots them. I recommend only by applying this with level 7 Three Musketeers if you need to reach legendary arena as so so many have level 7 fireball. Level 8 is much rarer to discover 3600 and under.

Best Clash Royale Deck Arena 9

Best Arena 9 Deck

In here i will share to you all about Clash Royale best arena 9 deck. Make sure, if you use this combination Clash Royale deck, you will have any choice to win in every challenge you want. For more information, check this out guys!

Combination Deck Arena 9


This card’s middle name is Value. There will be many cards it will take out or severely weaken. The knockback effect is a bonus. If you are facing a 3M deck, this is pretty much an ex-win. More in depth detail relating to this further below. By applying this on support troops coupled having a Zap is a shut-down. A excellent support card to the inferno to remove small-medium units.


The final participant in FIZ, there is grounds that its card is in each and every deck inside the meta. By applying this against Barrels, Minion Horde, SKarmy and lots of other troops. Also, a excellent last-ditch card which will provide you with a short stun during the past few seconds from the tower and there will be full-health EBs in your tower.

Inferno Tower

The sweeper, helps shut down LavaLoon, some golem deck varieties, giant decks, basically tanks. If there is a lone musketeer or wizard or ice wizard or anything the hell just make use of this thing. Oh, and did I mention Hog Riders? Zap does nothing against the IT inside a 1on1 interaction placed at 4-3.


Next, the best arena 9 deck is Miner. This boy is a superb mini-tank that will put anywhere on the map. Inside the worst of all, he is not bad vs. EB. Using him using the DG and ice spirit can perform severe harm to the tower. He also synergizes well with the fireball, zaps, e-wiz, and ice vision and army.

Ice Spirit

This card has great synergy with pretty much every card during this deck, except fireball. With Zap, Ice Spirit and Zap shreds a minion horde. This really is also an excellent card to couple using the Miner or Dart Goblin, because it lets both the strategies chip off a very good level of tower damage.

Electro Wizard

The guy pulls the strings of the deck and is a large reason why it works. Using him on loan support troops and backing him up having a Miner once he crosses the bridge is great. Beware though, since the spawn zap Isn‘t his primary asset. His cap capacity to stun any troop and deal damage to at least one or two targets is his major asset. Using him using the Miner and also the Dart Goblin is an effective chip push, even when the Electric Wizard gets towards the tower until the Miner since the stuns would cause it to retarget towards the miner as the whiz zaps everything and also the DG goes to town.

Skeleton Army

The skeleton army is the best arena 9 deck to use. The defensive powerhouse during this deck. Shuts down tanks, EB, Hog, as well as some splash units in case you surround them. This is actually the Musketeer counter. Even against LavaLoon and you also play your inferno to kill the hound and distract the loon and mega minion, you should use the skarmy to distract the pups as the eWiz does work towards the loon and also the pups.

Dart Goblin

Your main chip damage dealer, your air card which you pair using the electro wizard, and also has insane synergy with almost all the cards during this deck. Using him to counter back-end support units while something else distracts as well as loon killer, he shines in each and every aspect. Unlike the elite barbs and also the Tornado, I believe the DG will come out like a legitimate, viable card, not simply lackluster.

I think it’s enough all about best arena 9 deck Clash Royale. Thanks so much, and glory guys!

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