Best Giant Royal Deck For More Trophies

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Best Giant Royal Deck – As you‘ll know, royale giant target range is changed because of the update last May 2016 that also give the rationale for some players to maximize its potential. I‘m one among that tried this card to discover if this works. Well, based given for my experience I manage to maneuver my trophies from 2600 to 3000+ which happens to be the reason why I‘m on legendary arena now. And thus today, I‘m visiting share this royal giant deck that‘s working for myself.

Best Giant Royal Deck For More Trophies

Best Giant Royal Deck For More Trophies

There will be few ways to create a real attack without having to sacrifice your elixir and troops just to deal damage in your opponent’s crown towers. During the very first few seconds of the overall game, I usually let my opponent make his first move. Usually, my enemy always has hog rider on the deck, and also to counter that were barbarians or mini Pekka. Why would I let my opponent to make the very first move?

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Especially if we look on our deck, We‘ve all of the cards which will oppose any incoming attack from the enemy and once your defense you will find the remaining troops which will attack or support your royal giant. Placing imperial monster on the river is a practical choice but ensure that the Royal giant includes a backup support like a wizard. Usually, your opponent will drop a swarm troops just to counter the Royal giant and genius is the greatest help to bring down those troops.

Best Deck With Royal Giant

best deck with royal giant

Hut Deck, There‘ll be the time that you may be facing against swarm deck that includes goblin hut and primitive hut. During this case, we recommend using the rocket to a rude hut. Pekka or Golem + Wizard, countering this combo is straightforward. We‘ve barbarians which will take down tanks. But to do this, we need to eliminate the support first. We recommend by using the pulling method on dealing this type of clash royale deck. Mortar Deck, playing against mortar deck is really a win-win situation for you personally.

You‘ve your royal giant which will take down that building without getting harmed. After destroying the cannon make use of this chance to create a counter attack. Hog Rider Deck, Countering this deck is straightforward particularly if your opponent doesn’t use freeze. But when he have frozen on his deck, dropping a mini Pekka can do. Wait until he drops down his freeze then drop your other support. You‘ll still receive lots of damage, but after this, you should have an opportunity to have a counter attack.

Identical to what I’ve mentioned in our attack strategy above, we‘ll let our opponent to make their first move. By performing this, we‘ll have an elixir advantage after the very first wave of attack. Make use of this opportunity to counter them by dropping the royal giant upon the river. We all know that we’ve a very good support after their first attack. It‘s impossible that nobody will survive after we defended our base. Remember that We‘ve a very good defensive and offensive deck. We‘ve all of the counters for aerial and land troops.

I think its enough about best giant royal deck for more trophies. Hope you will have more trophies like me. Thanks so much, and glory!

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