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Best Lava Hound Deck – Hey guys, today Lava Hound Miner Deck that got me to 4000 trophies! When I started using it, I suddenly shot up from 2600 awards to 3500 in 1 week! It’s an enjoyable Lava Hound Miner deck that relies upon the Miner tanking to the Lava Pups / Mega Minion / Minion Horde to succeed the overall game.

Unlike many other decks that take many days and weeks to practice, this deck is among the easiest to master and takes tiny time for them to fully grasp the deck. It‘s so popular inside my clan, so much, in fact, that over half my clanmates have copied my deck So come and take a fast look for this Lava Hound Miner Deck guide

Best Lava Hound Deck Arena 10

Best Lava Hound Deck Arena 10

In here I will share to you all about best lava hound deck arena 10. For more information, check this out!

The Lava Hound is my best Clash Royale Cards as well as for a good reason. It‘s primarily the solo offense I‘ve, so I always need to get a Lava Hound up to stay the offense flowing. The Lava Hound + Mega Minion push is usually high, and if you ‘re able to land both upon the tower, you‘ll often eliminate the tower! One among my personal favorite cards to play with, the Mega Minion tanks, does decent damage, and always gets a scoop of damage upon the tower if this reaches it. Always stick it behind the Lava Hound if you re able to, but don’t be scared to make use of it to defend.

Easily the very best defensive structure- second only towards of defensive buildings, the Inferno Tower. If you re able to time / place it right, you can gain a one elixir positive trade given by an enemy Hog Rider. You may also place it as much as 2 or 3 tiles coming from the furthest Arena Tower and draw a Giant towards it if timed properly. It is the greatest spell to get rid of glass cannons and such, and put on an enormous positive elixir trade, along with 350 to 400 damage to the tower! Although you need to be very careful whenever you apply it, as it‘s six elixirs which ought to be used very carefully. It’s also very convenient in tight spots to obtain that previous couple of components of damage.

Best Lava Hound Deck Arena 10

Obviously, I don’t get to inform you how to handle Arrows. In case you don’t want related to Arrows, you ought to go to Training Camp. Or maybe to the App Store. Or maybe you ought to just delete the app in case you don’t know what Arrows are supposed to become employed for. The Skeleton Army is perfect for destroying tanks and heavy hitters, but shouldn‘t be played unless needed very slowly. It‘s my single ground troop, and does a lot of the defense, although it’s feeble to The Log and Zap, so I don’t recommend using on Hog Riders, Giants, etc.

You can switch out Minions if you need to, but I like the Minion Horde since it gets the work done. Also, one / 5 of my offense comes coming from the Miner + Minion Horde, and when it works, it takes towers if the opponent doesn’t have Zap. My second favorite legendary! This Miner is that the secret for my offense and can also occasionally play slightly of defense if required! You employ it tank for low HP Lava Pups, Mega Minions, Minion Hordes, and may also kill the enemy troop simultaneously.

I think if enough about best lava hound deck arena 10. May this help you to be a winner in arena 10. Hopefully you can win if you use this deck, thanks and glory!

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