Best Log Deck Clash Royale with Small Elixir

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Best Log Deck Clash Royale – The log is a super powerful card that you can have. It actually makes sense considering its status as a legendary card. Even though it has been nerfed couple of times, it is still an excellent choice for your deck. Therefore, it is necessary to consider bringing this card even though you only have level 1 log. Considering variations that you can find with log deck, it is actually recommended to use the low-elixir deck. Here is one of the deck and how to use it well.

Minimalist Best Log Deck Clash Royale

The cards required for this deck are hog rider, musketeer, skeleton, ice spirit, minion, knight, fireball, and log.

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The first benefit of the best log deck clash Royale with low elixir is easy to build as long as you already have the log. One epic card and two rare cards are just sweet numbers to upgrade. Your clanmates also can donate those cards because they are fairly easy to get. Thus, you will never run out of supply. Secondly, it has low elixir count which makes the cycle fast. The ice spirit, for example, is a really powerful unit as we have discussed here -> clash royale characters. Thus, it can make your opponent exhausted because of your quick deck.

Best Log Deck Clash Royale

Attacking strategy

The only kill squad for attacking is hog rider. You should couple him with ice spirit, musketeer or minion depending on your enemy. The log now should be in your hand, and you should be ready to smash ground hordes that interrupt your hog. The key of attacking strategy is to ensure you hit the enemy’s tower at least once with your hog. When your enemy starts to make a push from king tower, be sure to use a fireball to their DPS units which are usually behind giant, golem, or lava hound.

Defending strategy

Be extremely quick when defending because the best log deck clash Royale of yours is blessed with low elixir count. Be sure to bring all enemy units into the middle of your defending field because it allows both towers to target them.

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