Clash Royale Card Levels for Winning Easily

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Clash Royale Card Levels – Playing clash Royale is really fun until you experience continuous fails in winning the match. There are some reasons underlying that problem, and one of them is definitely because of the card level. Clash Royale card levels play an important role for winning the game. Therefore, it is important to know ideal levels for that purpose. Here is the recommendation for card level that you should know.

Clash Royale Card Level Recomendations

Clash Royale Card Levels

Upgrading Common Level Cards

Clash Royale Cards are divided into four classifications. They are common, rare, and epic cards. When it comes to a common level card, it is highly encouraged to upgrade them to the same level as your arena. That is to say, if you are competing in arena 7, your common cards should be at level 7 as well.

Upgrading Rare Level Cards

Rare cards are basically more difficult to collect, and that is why you should not have to match the level with the arena you are in. instead, it is enough to have your rare cards upgraded 2 level below your arena. It means, if you are in arena 7, level 5 rare cards are enough to play the game without great effort.

Upgrading Epic Cards

Another type of card that you can get rather easily – compared to the legendary – is the epic card. Clash Royale card levels for epic cards are limited to level 8. However, it is quite a long journey to achieve that. Even so, it is highly recommended to get epic cards upgraded at least to 5 level below your arena. Just for another example, you should at least have level 2 epic cards in your deck once you hit arena 7.

Upgrading Legendary Cards

Legendary cards are definitely awesome. Unfortunately, they are really difficult to obtain. It is not recommended to aim max level legendary cards especially if you are only a casual player. It is also worth noting that there are so many players who manage to get into higher leagues without legendary cards. Thus, it is recommended to upgrade cards that you have to their maximum levels for increasing your rank in the game.

Those are some basic clash Royale card levels required for winning the game easier. That way, you also can increase your clan trophy counts -> clash Royale clan trophies. If you can get higher level than the recommended levels, you are definitely lucky. Your cards can overkill other players who only have lower cards in the same arena. Lastly, no matter how good your cards are – in terms of level – you should improve your playing style for increasing your winning rate.

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