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Clash Royale Characters – There are so many characters in clash Royale that you may not be able to remember all of them. Compared to the previous game from Supercell, clash Royale has 64 playable characters divided into 3 types: buildings, troops, and spells. Both troops and spells have 4 types of rarity level. They are common, rare, epic, and legendary.  Among other types, the common cards are usually neglected because they are just not powerful. However, with proper technique, common characters are just awesome.

Powerful Clash Royale Characters

clash royale characters

Ice spirit

This little and cute monster is definitely a great choice for giving you valuable time to think and counter attack especially in defense. Of course, this card also can be used for attacking, but it requires careful execution for not wasting the elixir. Furthermore, it is important to note that freezing status from ice spirit is extremely annoying especially for hog users. If you can get log, as noted here -> best log deck clash royale, you will get more benefits.


Considered as mini tanker, knight can soak damages from high dps unit. If left alone, he can severely damage tower. Furthermore, he also can kill the dps especially if you put him when defending. Therefore, it is absolutely one of valuable Clash Royale characters that you should consider when building your deck.


Bomber is awesome choice for fighting ground horde. However, it is also great for demolishing high-hp troops because of his painful dps. Since bomber’s hit points are small, it is necessary to pay special care when dropping this unit. Be extremely careful of logs, zaps, and – obviously – fireball.


Archers are underused cards nowadays. The reason is because of the last update that nerfs their hit points. Even so, the power of the sharp women is still unmatched. Just pair them with giant or golem, and they are ready to wreck enemy’s towers without a problem.

Those are some great characters in clash Royale that you should neglect. Even though those clash Royale characters belong to the common class, their abilities are just superb. However, it still requires players’ understanding and intuition to use them powerfully.

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