Clash Royale Chest Pattern Debunked

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Clash Royale Chest Pattern – Most of the time, you get silver chest after a battle. One thing that makes you happy when the silver chest turns into a gold chest, but it is actually not that exciting. The quality of gold chests is classified under the crown chest, and the content is not really nice. Eventually, you will obtain magical chest, epic chest, and many other different chests in battle. They are really good and you think it is because of pure luck.

However, it is important to know that chests are not randomly given to you. There is a cycle, pattern, order, or schedule that ensures you to get the specific chest. It is called Clash Royale Chest Pattern. Except for SMC and the legendary chest, there is no special requirement to get those unique chests. That is to say, you can get epic chests, magical chests, and giant chests when the time is right.

Clash Royale Chest Pattern

Clash Royale Chest Pattern With 100% Accuracy

There is a pattern that regulates how chests in clash Royale are given to you. The pattern can be found in the game’s script, but you do not have to do that. There are already people who share the pattern of clash Royale chest without issue, and it is necessary to just take a look at it.

Even though there is a table provided about the pattern, there is no guarantee that the pattern is still applicable. The reason is because Supercell sometimes makes some changes after the update. In 2017, there is a brand new Clash Royale Chest pattern. The difference is not obvious, but to make it clearer, there are 52 gold chests, 4 magical chests, 4 giant chests, and 180 chests.

There is no obvious pattern for the whole cycle, but you will obtain special chests, either giant chest or magical chest, after 7 – 9 gold chests. Again, it is only an average range because the real cycle has  a very unique order.

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