Clash Royale Chest Rotation for SMC

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Clash Royale Chest RotationClash Royale is a game that requires a good level of luck. The reason is because you cannot just get good cards even though you are playing perfectly. There are plenty random things in Clash Royale such as card shop, special offer, chest content, and your opponents. Another thing that was once included is also chest type. As you know there are many kinds of chests: wooden chest, silver chest, golden chest, crown chest, giant chest, epic chest, magical chest, super magical chest, and legendary chest. However, the super magical chest is the best among all of them.

Clash Royale Chest Rotation

Accurate Clash Royale Chest Rotation for SMC

When it comes to chest cycle, it is possible to know various chests that will be obtained such as silver chest, gold chest, and so on. However, SMC is quite problematic because the cycle is not like the other chests.

Basically, other chests except for SMC that you obtain from battles have their own schedule. There is a table that explains the cycle in detail with a total of 240 chests for one cycle. However, SMC behaves differently because you only can get it if after you open 500 chests. The count begins once you hit 400 trophies. Below than that, you will not have a chance to obtain SMC through battles.

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It is also important to know that you can get the SMC within 240-chest cycle and SMC will replace one of the chests. That means you will not get magical chest if you, unfortunately, get SMC in order number 131, for instance.

The only requirement of obtaining super magical chest is only by reaching 400 trophies. However, it is important to consider pushing more trophies. The reason is because the super magical chest is the best chest that you can get. You have a higher chance for obtaining rare cards and you also get more gold. With the help of clash royale chest Rotation information and also generic pattern of the chest in clash royale, you will get the benefits when playing Clash Royale.

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