Calculation of Clash Royale Clan Trophies

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Clash Royale Clan Trophies – Apart from the individual competitive gameplay for achieving the highest score in the clash royale realm, there is also cooperative gameplay that should be considered. When you play Clash Royale, you are introduced with some clans that you can join in. Most of the time, you can only join an open clan where the members are coming from different regions with different skills. However, when you see its trophy, it can be higher than closed clans with full of great players. It is absolutely confusing what it happens. It turns out there is a way to calculate clash Royale clan trophies.

Clash Royale Clan Trophies

How to Calculate Clash Royale Clan Trophies

Basically, the trophies are determined by members of the clan. To put it in a very simple term, the more trophies each member has, the more trophies that will be displayed in clan trophy count. However, the calculation is not that simple.

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Clash Royale has an algorithm where players with higher rank in the clan have higher contribution than the lower members. It is recognized that the players from 1st rank to 10th rank contribute 50% of their trophies for clash Royale clan trophies for their clan. Of course, it is very significant compared to even the 11th to 20th rank. The players within the range only contribute to 25% of their trophies. If you are wondering how 41st to 50th rank is calculated, they actually only contribute 3% to the clan. Considering typical trophy counts for the last classification that only reach 2000s, they only contribute 7 or 8 trophies for the clan.

With this information, it is important to find players fall within 1st to 10th rank should maximize their trophy for improving clan rank. Even though Clash Royale clan trophies do not affect directly to gameplay, it is actually a way to show how well your clan among other competitors. It is possible to use our recommended deck for that purpose.

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