Best Clash Royale Deck Arena 2

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Clash Royale Deck Arena 2 – Arena 2 is definitely designed for beginners. Unfortunately, there are too many cards that make beginners confused in building their deck. If you are just starting out hitting arena 2, you come to the right place. The reason is because there is one recommendation of best Clash Royale Deck Arena 2 that you can build right now. Even better, it does not require epic card at all. Thus, it is super easy to continue this card into a higher competition.

Best Clash Royale Deck Arena 2

Clash Royale Deck Arena 2

The cards you need for the first deck option are giant, musketeer, bomber, fireball, arrow, knight, archers, and goblin spears.

This deck is light-medium in terms of elixir, and that means you can cycle it through your main kill squad. This best Clash Royale Deck arena 2 is capable of pushing and defending without a problem as long as you follow our article about (card level guide).

Clash Royale Arena 2 Gameplay

For pushing, you need to start dropping your giant from your king tower – that biggest towers of yours with cannon instead of arrows. Just let the giant walk until your elixir bar near full. Every time it is full, you should not waste it. You should drop archer, musketeer, or bomber. Support your troop struggling on the other side of the field with your spell and troops as needed. If you can predict your enemy’s movement, it is definitely plus point for you.

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Sometimes, you just cannot make a push because the giant is not in your hand. In this situation, you should consider playing defensively by collecting elixir to max while throwing low-cost rather-useless cards. Once your opponent starts making a push, you should be aware. First of all, wait until your enemy troops are about to cross the bridge. At that point, you should drop ranged cards to deal with melee cards while melee cards are prepared for opponent’s ranged cards.

This is absolutely the best clash Royale deck arena 2 without epic cards. Not only is the deck able to be push and defend seamlessly, but it also can be upgraded quickly because it only consists of rare and common cards.

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