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Clash Royale Deck – Building an easy but efficient deck is the very first thing new players have to consider when playing Clash Royale. After you finish the tutorial and open the chests the internal system provides you; you can build a deck with four common cards, three legendary cards, and one major card. Through the use of that basic deck and playing in Arena 1 for some games, you can build the listed newbie deck that I‘m visiting introduce during this guide.

There aren’t any epic cards during this deck, but I‘m visiting present you what cards could be replaced based on the epic cards you will get.

Clash Royale Deck Information

Clash Royale Deck Information

In here I will share to you about clash royale deck what you want and what you need. For complete information, check this out!

Spear Goblins

These guys will also be in the majority of my decks. They‘re cheap and decent at getting enemy flying units. I additionally often use them to be able to distract enemy tower killing troops until I will do business with them.


Archers are probably the most underrated cards in Clash Royale. They‘re great in defense dealing good harm to both air and ground troops. They don’t die to arrows or a similar level and can deal lots of harm to enemy crown towers if protected.


Valkyrie Isn‘t a card that is designed plenty, but especially for beginning players she is a good card to possess with your deck. The bomber will be a good alternative, however, the Bomber is much harder to play. Valkyrie is basically a challenge to misplay, just use her to counter enemy ground troops and you‘ll do fine. She may also be used to tank while your archers and spear goblins are hiding behind her.


The Knight is inside the deck for defending primarily. It will require out a Wizard, Musketeer and Witch one-on-one but still survive, which should provide you with a nice elixir advantage. The Wizard and Witch cost five elixirs towards the Knights 3 elixir, a two elixir advantage! The Knight also can distract a Baby Dragon while your tower takes it, and can even remove a Giant Skeleton.


Prince is and also has always been an awesome card. It’s the very first real tower killing card most players get admittance to, and you should use this card all the way in which as much as Legendary Arena. What‘s nice using the Prince is that you may even defend by it in emergencies. Usually, you’ll apply it to kill one among their crown towers when they‘re low on elixir, however.


This deck doesn’t use arrows, so a fireball is mainly needed then. You employ this to get Minion Horde, Barbarians Goblin Barrel along with other annoying cards. Lets say they drop a giant; they‘re going to often follow-up having a Witch, Bomber, and Archers. Your fireball will require out all of the troops behind the Giant, and they‘re those that cause the foremost damage.

Baby Dragon

The Baby Dragon is just one of my personal favorite cards, and it is a crucial section of this deck also. The rationale this card is awesome is since it is both flying and deals splash damage, which causes it to be awesome at getting enemy barbarians and minion hordes. Additionally, it may do decent damage striking the enemy tower solo.

Skeleton Army

Skeleton Army is in here to do business with Prince and Hog Rider mainly. However, it may also be used to swarm other troops like Pekka, Mini Pekka and also the Golem.

Clash Royale Deck Formation

Clash Royale Deck Formation

Clash Royale Deck: Bomber Knight

Knight ought to be the first balanced card in Clash Royale, with a relatively cheap three elixirs but a solid body. It is definitely perhaps one of the best choices before you will get Barbarians. But if you‘re lucky to draw Prince at the first stage, you can replace it with Prince because Prince has higher attack than Knight and it also-also offers charge, which causes it to be the foremost powerful card on land.

Bomber is an efficient counter to human wave attack, a strategy which many newbies will use in the first game. Like a ranged troop, Bomber has large HP. However, should you get Baby Dragon, then replace it for Bomber because Bomber can’t target air troops.

Clash Royale Deck: Giant + Musketeer

Giant is that the only tank troop that attacks buildings in the early game. It may soak in damages in front of your own troops and keep your ranged troops like Musketeer survive so long as possible, maximize the damages ranged troops can produce. Musketeer is the first powerful long-distance troops in the early game. It may do business with various epic cards when there is a Giant walking in front of her.

Clash Royale Deck: Arrows + Archers

Spear Goblins and Goblins will be the key cards inside the human wave strategy, and the foremost aggressive goblin card could be Goblin Barrel. But those cards have something in common: they‘re scared to discover Arrows. As for Archers, it is a high-value card because it may target both air & ground.

Some Tips Clash Royale Deck

Clash Royale Deck

I am going just to assume you do not have any epic cards here and we will just utilize the above battle deck for analysis.

  • Put Giant inside the back of your respective main base because you can gain more elixirs throughout the period Giant moves towards the frontline.
  • Place Goblins in the center of the battlefield. In case your opponent puts Prince on board, do not panic, just put
    Goblins in front of your respective main base. It may counter the Prince attack actually.
  • How you can do business with Baby Dragon: put a Giant to draw in Baby Dragon’s attention after which play Musketeer behind because the high damage Musketeer can perform can counter Baby Dragon easily.
  • Do not put all your troops with your opponent’s battlefield whenever you gain advantages if you take down your opponent’s defense tower. Because your opponent will likely have Fireball, which could do business with those troops easily so pay focus on what spells your opponent has. Besides, do not be too greedy. I am going to suggest you become defense status after pushing down your opponent’s tower. By this manner, you‘ll have a relatively high win rate.

Clash Royale Tips When Playing

Clash Royale Tips When Playing

My preferred option usually is to open with Spear Goblins behind one among my towers. Spear Goblins are cheap at only two elixirs, and I will be able to have almost my elixir left to react to whatever my opponent is opening with. I place them behind my towers to ensure that I will put tank units, like Knight, Valkyrie or Baby Dragon, in from the strategies before they reach the bridge.

If I don’t have Spear Goblins inside my opening hand, I will be able to go to the Baby Dragon. The Baby Dragon is moving slowly and does well on it’s own even without support. It‘s very difficult to counter the baby dragon and are available on top. If there aren‘t any other threats to do business with, I will be able to often place Archers or Spear Goblins behind it once I reach the bridge.

My third selection of opening would function as the Knight. The Knight does well against most troops alone and may also perform some harm to the enemy crown tower if He‘s not stopped. The combo with Archers or Spear Goblins behind him works really well.

The final selection of opening could be archers, they don’t do too well against enemy towers alone, but when I obtain a Knight, Baby Dragon or Valkyrie in front the strategies before they reach the bridge, they‘re great. Versus most troops the Archers also do well alone, it’s a challenge to kill them efficiently and put on an elixir advantage.

This deck is built around defending efficiently, after which use your elixir advantage to counter-attack. Whenever you play, wait and see and don’t overcommit with attacks. That‘s what your opponent will certainly do, and you will relax and kill his troops in front of your respective towers. Then, after you have your opponent at an elixir disadvantage, attack!

Clash Royale Deck

The Prince with Archers behind him works well. The Archers can both do good harm to the towers and remove any defensive troops your opponent might place. During this situation, he put Minions to defend, and my Archers took them out.

Especially in lower areas players keep attacking and attacking without letting their elixir reset. Don’t try this; it’s an enormous mistake. Anyways, which means that you often may have enough elixir to counter-attack inside the other lane while still holding back your opponent’s attack.

Inside the screen above you can see this type of counter attack. I don’t need my elixir to defend so I will counter-attack inside the other lane while my opponent would be out of elixir and it is not able to defend it. This Prince can easily remove the remainder of the tower as my opponent will spend too much time expecting elixir before he will defend.

I think its enough about Clash Royale Deck. Hope you will win after use this strategy. Thanks so much, and glory!


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