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Clash Royale Best Arena 6 Deck – Clash Royale There are some people who quit playing clash Royale just because they stuck in one arena. Arena 6 is one of the most daunting especially for beginners because of some reasons. First of all, it is usually where your clash Royale decks have not reached level 6 for common cards and at least 5 for the rare cards. Thus, it is fairly difficult – especially for beginner – to beat opponents who have higher level cards. Secondly, it is due to the fact that there are some secondary accounts that people play only for pushing clan chests. They are usually level 7 or 8, but they drop their trophy to reach arena 6. That is why arena 6 is filled with strong competitors with crazy skills.

clash royale deck for arena 6

Recommended Clash Royale Arena 6 Deck

Now if you want to make progress in this arena, the most obvious strategy that should be done is upgrading cards. However, it definitely takes so much time that keeps you away from boredom. Fortunately, there is powerful clash Royale arena 6 deck that you can try. There are some cards that should be your main composition for attacking and even defending.

  • First of all, it includes witch – at least lv 2 for easier gameplay. After the last-year update, the witch is getting stronger and she is really good for sweeping enemies especially if helped by the giant.

  • The second strategy requires hog rider followed by the minion. The hog at least should be at level 5 for easier gameplay. The minion should be at level 6 or even 7 to avoid being zapped to death.

  • The third strategy is the classic knight and archer cards. This strategy is definitely great for shuffling the Clash Royale deck because they are versatile and cheap in terms of elixir. You also can do counter push after dropping them especially in injury time.

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clash royale arena 6 deck battle

Those three sets of aforementioned cards are definitely powerful for arena 6, and it is important to upgrade them. Moreover, they are also pretty useful in the later stage. Even in the legendary arena, you still can see people using hog rider and witch in their deck. If you want to know more the detail about the composition of different decks in arena 6 with hog rider or witch, you can refer to clash Royale deck builder. Many people share their arena 6 decks with their statistics. Thus, you will know which deck is more powerful than others. However, it is still important to note that player skill also plays a major role in determining the winner.

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