Clash Royale Sparky Deck, Do You Want Use It?

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Clash Royale Sparky Deck – It’s been a stressful day following the release of the newest update as well as the liberation of the new cards. Today I‘m visiting share some good deck that involves the most recent and in fact now top choice among the many legendaries, the Sparky. For people who don’t know, Sparky is among the newest legendary cards which were a released May 3, 2016. This card is allowed to target land units, but It‘ll deal an enormous damage. Sparky is that the strongest card at this time that it will take down a tower in just two blows of their electricity. Now, let’s begin to our Clash Royale Sparky Deck.

Clash Royale Sparky Deck Arena 6

Clash Royale Sparky Deck

In here i will share to you all about Clash Royale Sparky Deck arena 6. Please check your Clash Royale Deck and replaced with this Clash Royale Deck strategy! Now, check this out guys!

Use it for combo strategy:

  • Valkyrie + Hog – Alternative combo if hog rider – Goblin is not capable
  • Valkyrie + Sparky – Deadliest combo that we have. We recommend using this combo
  • Hog Rider + Goblin + Zap – The most popular combo of all time
  • if you already established elixir collector because this will cost ten elixir

Sparky, is our medium tank that fires every 5 seconds giving a massive harm to any land unit. A low-cost elixir units like skeleton can distract its first attack that could provide an opponent enough time for them to destroy this machine. It could be easily countered with air units. So, there comes our zap.

Zap is cards can do best combined with Sparky. Both are excellent for offense and defense. However, we recommend using zap. Why? There will be a lot of uses of the card. In case your opponent is likewise using sparky, then you should use this card to reset its charging time. Use Canon for our particular base. Plus, an excellent distraction to any building targeting troops of your opponent like hog or giant.

Clash Royale Sparky Deck Arena 6

Don’t forget to use Hog Riders! During the very first few seconds of the overall game, hog rider goblins combo is our best selection of offensive plays. This combo is among the preferred and the majority deadly attack. Goblin is a partner of hog rider. At a similar, this troops may also be used for defense because goblins have a higher DPS (damage per second ).

Valkyrie is our medium tank that‘s excellent both offense and defense. Best combo with Sparky. Place Sparky behind the Valkyrie so she will quickly kill land units that could cause the distraction to Sparky. We recommend using arrows and zap on a single deck. Arrows can easily take down small units plus you‘ll need either one among this to counter arrow bait decks. Elixir Collector still an excellent card after the alterations last update. Elixir advantage is an effective strategy to stay making combos.

I think if enough all about Clash Royale Sparky Deck. Please use it, and see how it’s become a best deck ever!

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