Lumberjack Deck. How To Win With This Deck?

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Lumberjack Deck – I do know the Lumberjack is among the least used cards inside the game and at this time doesn‘t have an excellent place inside the meta. In several cases, a Rage can perform lots of just what the Lumberjack does, as well as for one less Elixir. However, the only real method to increase his usages usually is to spread my experience towards the community and inform you. Take a look at some method of getting Legend cards in clash Royale, or you might want to know some good decks without Legendary cards.

Lumberjack Deck Clash Royale

Lumberjack Deck

In here i will share to you the secret lumberjack deck Clash Royale. If you this Clash Royale Deck, make sure you will have any chance to win any challenge. For more information, check this out guys!

Best Lumberjack Deck

Lumberjack Deck Clash Royale

The Lumberjack has terrific synergy using the cards that go well with Rage – Balloon, Three Musketeers, Prince, Pekka and Mini Pekka. The Giant / Lumberjack deck combo also can trip your opponent because of how unexpected a push like that‘s.

But before I delve straight into the specifics, let me just go during the flow of making a Lumberjack push. Let’s us a Lumberjack deck / Giant / Musketeer push with the objective of the demonstration. It’s easiest to practice this inside the Training Camp or perhaps a Friendly Battle where your opponent won’t try that hard so you can acquire a feel to the flow from the Lumberjack.

There‘s only one possible but deadly combo, and that is Lumberjack plus Balloon and Freeze. However, additionally, it is situational since you should use only Lumberjack deck + Balloon just in case you don’t have sufficient elixir / got to save for defense, or add some supports, for example, Fire Spirits / Zap / Spear Goblins if you‘re confident enough. Briefly, be adapt towards the situation to create a right decision!

You need to be aggressive while they played this deck instead of being passive. From the first stage, you can drop Lumberjack from behind the Arena Tower, await the elixir to regenerate, after which drop Balloon behind him to form a combo. I recommend you not to use Freeze during this phase so that they can save some elixir for opponent’s counter attack, along with having a surprise freeze combo later. However, you should use Zap or Fire Spirits to prevent and eliminate enemy’s armed troops, allowing your balloon to possess extra hit on Tower.

Minion Horde and defensive buildings will be the hardest counter to Balloon! Against Minion Horde, you ought to include Fire Spirits with your push combo or prepare to Zap to create them into the sliver of health and produce them re-target, then your Spear Goblins should finish the work. Against defensive buildings, Mini P. E. K. K. A and Lumberjack may take them out within few hits because of their high DPS.

Finally, I believe the rationale why individuals are failing to make use of Lumberjack is because they’re using him as a suicide troop to rage your next troops. If that’s his purpose why not only use Rage straight up? He is well known regarding his high DPS and can be utilized powerfully for any counterpunch. Use him more as a Mini-PEKKA, not as a Giant Skeleton.

I think enough all about Lumberjack deck. Make sure, if you use this deck, you will have the most powerful winning in a challenge. Hope you happy and Glory!


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