Night Witch Clash Royale, Now What?

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Night Witch Clash Royale – The new Clash Royale Cards legendary, Night Witch, will probably be released soon in just two weeks. Let’s take a quick look at her today and find out how she would affect the Arena! The Night Witch will certainly be unlocked from Frozen Peak (Arena 8 ). She is a single-target melee troop with average hit points and high damage. She summons 2 Bats every 5 seconds; she also will summon Bats upon death. A Night Witch card costs 4 Elixir to deploy.

Night Witch Clash Royale Gameplay

Night Witch Clash Royale

In here I will be able to share with you about information night whitch Clash Royale gameplay for you. For many information, check this out!

Because the Night Witch is single-target melee troop summoning flying units, you only can’t simply use her rather than the regular Which in many cases. Comparing towards the Witch, at Tournament standard, she‘s pretty similar stats for one less Elixir. She‘s better on offense but worse on defense. She can’t do business with most ground troops which you can counter using the Witch. She can’t utilize the Bats to distract ground-targeting units.

The Night Witch Clash Royale can solo kill a Tower. Yes ! She will destroy the complete tower before she dies. She would spawn as much as 12 Bats before she dies. Night Witch’s hard counter could be Lightning, Rocket, Poison and Fireball. Be able to do business with the bats once she‘s killed because They Might deal a significant number of damage If protected. Archers are excellent against her because they could one shot Bats after which take her out quickly.

Night Witch Clash Royale

To do business with a Giant Night Witch push, you have to kill the bat spawned first. Ice Golem is great at handling Night Witch as his death damage is sufficient to kill the Bats at Tournament Standard. Electro-Wizard, Executioner, and Tornado will also be great at handling her on defense. Because of the movement speed, the bats always fly in front of her and can die quickly, making her simple to counter. You ought to take into consideration this while using her.

You should use Night Witch Clash Royale in Miner Control Deck! First, use her on defense to do business with the ground troop. She is going to become a meatshield as the Bats are performing damage. Once died, she spawns six more Bats, providing you with an excellent chance to counterpunch with Miner. In case your opponent decides to do business with the Bats. First, it may be ideal for you personally as countering Bats is typically negative Elixir trade.

She is a superb counter-attack card. If she dies, your opponent will need to do business with the Bats. If she doesn’t die, she is going to spawn loads of Bats. She fits naturally alright in Beatdown decks either fast or slow. Lumberjack could synergies using the Night Witch alright because his Rage ability would give her Bats a large number of extra damage.

She could work with Lava Hound alright! Her Bats would support the Lava inside the air Meanwhile her melee attack could help remove Electro-Wizard, Musketeer, Executioner, etc. Placing her under the Lava Hound in the bridge will be a great move In case your opponent has Inferno Tower.

I believe if enough about night whitch clash royale. Thanks and happy waiting night which guys!

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